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My romantic life, summed up in one product.

going to woo the pants off someone this valentines day


heck yea I did


so glad to finally get the Twiks Pean box set. love davie lunch movies!


Druid: My name is Erik with a k.

NPC: *writes name down* And your last name?

Druid: With a k.

NPC: No I got that: Erik. What’s your last name?

Druid: My last name is with a k.

NPC: Wait…is your name Erik Erik?

Druid: My last name is With a K.

NPC:  Okay wait a minute, so to clarify —

Druid: My last name is literally the phrase *air quotes* “Withakay.” It is all one word.

NPC: *finishes writing* So review the document to make sure I got this right.

Druid: *looks* No I spell Eric with a C



if I made money I’d be paying it all to ohnoproblems.tumblr.com for royalties for giving me all these great words to make in to comics.